Friday, April 1, 2016

April Already?

Is it April already?  Yep!!! So much going on this month.  We are enjoying the final day of our spring break vacation before heading back to reality.  It is rainy and blah here on Dauphin Island and we are still loving it.  Am I ready for the A to Z challenge? Nope.  I will be winging it for the month of April and that's OK. No real theme, but I will probably have a related quote for each post.  It is a challenge of creativity and blogging.  Looking forward to it.

A is for ATTITUDE.

I firmly believe this. Everything we approach in life we must approach with the appropriate attitude.  In teaching I see the negative often. Students, and their parents, have a blame game attitude.  They want to blame everything and every one...except the one most deserving.  

The attitude we approach life determines our joy.  Yes, bad things happen. Yes, our joy is sometimes stolen.  It is our attitude that pulls us through.  A positive approach has a much better chance of having a positive outcome.  We can choose to learn from life's adventures or we can choose to blame them.  Life has not always been easy for me. Abandoned by my mother when I was 2 and raised by an abusive father and an amazing grandmother, I appreciate the lessons I learned. I am self sufficient and practical.  I am creative and energetic, but I also have a great sense of empathy.  It is my collective life experiences that make me who I am. It is life experiences, positive and negative, that I pull from day to day.  For me it is the idea that if life gives you lemons, don't bother with lemonade.  Unless life is going to give you sugar and water, your lemonade will suck.  Hoard them and throw them at whatever rises against you.  Learn from life, it's a great teacher.  


  1. Yes, I like your philosophy. Attitude is so important in everything we do and crucial to our success.

  2. Attitude can make up for a lot of deficiencies... Glad to see you in the A-Z

  3. That's one of my favorite quotes! It shows we all have control over our destinies, which I think we forget sometimes.
    Good luck with the daily posting - I'll be pantsing it along with you!

    Happy B Day!
    ~AJ Lauer, an A-Z Co-host
    Twitter: @ayjaylauer