Saturday, April 2, 2016

Bye Bye Bakery

We are saying bye to the Island and bye to the bakery. Today's A to Z is about it favorite place on the island, Lighthouse Bakery.

Dauphin Island is a spot in the Gulf off the coast of Alabama. It is as non-commercial as you can get, and our favorite place to get away from it all. There are no touristy chain stores. The businesses are all locally owned and operated. If you need hardware to fix your house plumbing go to the Ship and Shore. You don't want to drive inland for grocery items, S&S.  You need liquor, same. Want to rent a bike? You have a few options. S&S has them, but you might want to call Lynn. She's the bike and kayak lady. Her office is her Jeep and she will deliver what you need. There are a few places to eat on the Island, but I can't say I recommend any of them. Islanders is the nicest, but it is over $100 for four people. Not something we want to do every night so we buy groceries inland and cook while in the Island... Except breakfast.

Breakfast comes from the Lighthouse Bakery.  They have the best food, and the best coffee, on the Island.  You won't find the most popular coffee chain anywhere close by, but you will hear just about everyone who sips their coffee say, "oooh, this is better than..." My next sentence was to explain my favorite delicacy from the bakery, but I can't choose! I just finished a pecan roll. Yesterday was an amazing cinnamon bun. Thursday was another pecan roll, with a chicken salad croissant for lunch, and Wednesday was an amazing cream cheese danish. The turnovers come in several flavors and are superb.  There's also the oatmeal pecan cookies, which I found out this morning the bakery is willing to mail to you if you ask nicely. Breakfast, lunch, and snack the bakery is our first choice on the Island. In the years we have been visiting there hasn't been anything ordered that I didn't like.

The service is as good as the food. The Lighthouse ladies work hard to provide great food with a smile.  Year to year we see the same familiar faces. Visiting the Island gives us a sense of coming home. It is not our home, but it is our home away. Dauphin Island is a place to relax and enjoy the beach without all the touristy crap to steal your attention.

Lighthouse Bakery, best buns on the beach.

*Disclaimer* Spelling and grammar errors resulting from phone typing in a moving vehicle must be ignored and forgiven.

Bye bye beach. Bye bye bakery.


  1. We have a bakery right by our house, it smells wonderful every morning :)
    Sounds like a very neat place!

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

  2. It's like homemade - always better than store bought. We have a local bagel shop that beats any of the chains. Sorry you won't get to raid the bakery anymore.

  3. Sounds like a lovely place to relax.