Friday, March 25, 2016

Been a while...

OMG has it been a while.

Trying to explain the last few weeks I posted this on my FB page:

We have been in whirlwind of house chaos. Our buyers have been struggling with a snafu from their previous house. They needed a magic letter clearing them of responsibility. We did not find out about this until a week or so into the contract. For a time we were in complete limbo. On the day of contract expiration we were desperately ready to move on and find another buyer. Someone must have rubbed the genie lamp because the magic letter arrived. We agreed to extend the contract if the buyer would provide more due diligence money. During all of this we were having inspections completed on the house to purchase. We knew it was a renovation project and looked forward to creating something special with the house. Turns out our entire renovation budget would have to be used just to fix "little" things. The fireplace needed a complete firebox rebuild, there was previous termite damage, and the pool needed at least $1000 worth of repair. This is a just a few things of a much longer "little" list. We walked away. So we had a buyer but no house to buy. Then we found another. It doesn't have a pool but there is NO renovation needed. Everyone gets their space and there is recreation space too. We could add a pool, but it may not be worth it. Time will tell. We offered, they countered, we accepted. As of right now it seems the planets and stars are in alignment. Hopefully no more magic will be needed to make it all work. One month and we move. Looking forward to the next step!

This has been a royal mess.  I have NEVER had a business deal be so difficult. The buyers agent is complete and total PITA, an arrogant  individual whose ego is easily bruised and supercedes any humanity he has.

We are still moving forward with the house deal.  The inspection was last Wednesday.  The buyer was insisting that we close the 15th.  Not possible. Because of all the other delays we ended up starting over and offering on another home. Our loan paperwork is back to square one.  Our lender was skeptical that our desired closing of the 22nd was going to work.  When our agent explained the logistics of us closing on the 15th and being homeless for a week the buyer's agent stated that the contract says the 15th and that's what we want. Um...still not possible dude.  On inspection day we left a letter on the table.

We have done the math and it will cost us more than $4200 if you refuse to move closing one week.  That is IF we could actually book a hotel for us and three kids, and board the dogs for an entire week...which would stress them severely.  Sawyer, the black lab, is a rescue and highly terrified that he will be yet again abandoned.  Pachabel, the chocolate dachshund, is terrified of everything.  Rachi, the husky, has known only us and has never not traveled with us.  Tiki, the red dachshund, is thirteen years old and really does not need the stress of a boarding situation. 
 There is nowhere else for us to stay. There is not another option. We do not have family that we can live with and I have no idea what to do with the bunny or lizard.  The best possible hotel deal will be almost $1000 for us and our three children currently at home.  Boarding the dogs would be over $900.   Moving our stuff and storage for that many nights is $2400.  These are all fairly low estimates, which do not include taxes or food.  Add in feeding the five of us for a week without a home and it is another $800.  So roughly $5000 because you cannot wait ONE MORE WEEK?  We cannot afford that and should not have to. We expected to close tomorrow and had to delay our proceedings while waiting for you.   While we would consider moving the 15th, our bank cannot complete the paperwork in that amount of time. If you recall we have been waiting for confirmation from you that you are eligible to purchase this home.  Our purchase financing is contingent upon the sale of this home, until that was solid we could not move forward with our lender.  Our lender has indicated that they will be pressed to finish by the 22nd so the 15th is out of the question.   We have accommodated you, with considerable frustration.  We have agreed to terms we are not fully comfortable with just to get this house under contract and sold. In the grand scheme of things, what is one week?  Are you willing to offer us the $5000 for us to be homeless for a week so we can close on the 15th? This is a compromise point and we have gone above and beyond to accommodate you, despite the risk we have taken to extend the contract.  We have accepted less than the standard due diligence, without complaint. We have allowed you to settle your own financial situation with us bearing the burden of tremendous risk, all we ask is equal consideration. We cannot afford to stress our pets, ourselves, and our children, living in a hotel during a school week, which also happens to be the week of prom. It will be difficult enough moving that week without adding to it financial burden and displacement.
 We are not asking for much. We would simply appreciate the same consideration we have offered you during this entire experience.

The buyers live with their parents.  Seriously, what is one more week? We have been MORE than accommodating with their situation and it has been seriously stressful.  I will not vent any further about the buyer's agent. He was livid that we left a letter. Our agent told him we were upset that they were stonewalling and not willing to compromise.  He has has a pattern of arrogant prick behavior.  When this is all said and done, there will be a strongly worded letter and as many social media reviews as we can find.

Our life...

It's not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise that moves us along.

Maroon 5, She Will be Loved

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