Monday, April 4, 2016

Classroom Chaos...Back to it!

I sincerely considered 'C' being for cinnamon buns. Facing the Monday after a spring break spent at the beach was tough, and I miss the breakfast goodies.

Grades were due by 4:00 PM today so last night was spent finishing up last minute grading. Getting to bed on time was not in the cards. There were several things still left to do this morning and the 7th grade squirrels were in typical post break form.  My lesson plans were designed in such a way that I could start class with a good review then turn them loose to show what they know.  Reviews went well all day and I'm proud of them for that.  They remembered many of the basics for WWI.  Yay! Something stuck!  However, the locker combination that they have been using for the last 27 weeks of school was a mystery to many.  Same for the login and password for BrainPop.  Between the desires for socializing, the forgetfulness, and other school events that I had no control over today was a lot like herding cats.  

I'm predicting Tuesday will be a day of lethargic squirrel behavior. Five AM came way too early for  my 15yo. She's been sacked out for an hour or so this evening.  I suspect my 7th graders will struggle even though they're start time is much later than the high school's 7AM bell. It will take a few days to get back in the swing, but the end is near. We are in the final stretch, the last nine weeks. 

My mind is mush. I'm to old to not get enough sleep. 

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