Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Time flies when you're having fun...

Or something like that.

I started this blog with good intentions, but know how it goes. Honestly, I didn't have anything to say. I'm not sure that I have anything to say now. Maybe a few rant and raves about the state of education, behavior of students, personal hygiene issues of middle schoolers, or the anxiety of my dog which results in sleep deprivation.

Life is hectic at times, but I am happy. Well, happy with most things. The craziness of life has disrupted our healthy living.  Gone are the days of rush to the gym after work. I would like to say we are so busy and use that as our excuse. Honestly though, with two in college, two in high school and driving themselves, and one in middle school we have  more time now than we had a year or two ago.
If I blame anything I blame myself and the extreme lack of motivation that comes from teaching middle school. We start school at 9 and get out of school at 4. I am NOT a morning person, not by any stretch of the imagination.  Getting out at 4, there are days that I am here until 5:30 or 6.  Yes, we have a planning period. It is taken up with meetings and meetings to talk about the meeting we are going to have. This is the most meeting centered group of my professional career. There is NO time for anything else! By the end of the day I don't want to do anything else and certainly do not want to set foot in a gym. Something is going to have to give. I have a Groupon for Burn Boot Camp so I will either have to go or waste that money.  Hating to waste money I look forward to that month of unlimited health conscious torture.

What does the future hold?  Time will tell.