Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March madness

For the longest nothing was happening. We were having showing after showing and no offer.  Finally we have a buyer. Someone is interested. They looked at the house 3 separate times and we negotiated an acceptable offer.  Now it is feet to the floor running to the finish line.  We will be closing in 23 days.  If all goes as planned we will close on both houses that day.  I am skeptical that we can make it work, but hopeful.  It is so nice to not thoroughly clean the house every night and be scrambling to clean up before we leave each morning.

FIL has been in the hospital for the last week.  Pneumonia and a UTI...this after a rock pile of kidney stones, one creating a blockage.  They can't remove the rock pile until he is stronger and has a cardio eval.  Due to the extended stay in the hospital he has 20 days of transitional care before he gets to go home.  I am not 100% that he will be going home, nor am I certain that he needs to. He needs a home health plan and as of right now the VA is dragging its feet and he doesn't have too many other options.

We are also concerned about MIL. She is increasingly confused and can't/won't make decisions on her own. Mr. MckTchr has requested an appointment with her doctor for an eval.  We suspect there may be more to the confusion and forgetfulness than the stress of everyday life and typical aging.  Hopefully we will be a little closer to answers soon.

1st time out on rented kayaks
I prefer my Perception.
Life. There's always something.  I'm trying to get back to the gym more. Trying to take care of my own sanity and help Mr. MckTchr keep his.  Every other week when the skids are home it is difficult to maintain any sort of regular gym schedule.  We have to choose between gym and eating at a reasonable hour.  Something has to give. Between house stuff, in-laws, and kid events we are juggling and the balls are in danger of being dropped.  Personal health and stress maintenance is important too.

Looking forward to spring break.  Right after the move we will take off for the Island.  A week with a bay view and hopefully great paddle weather.

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  1. I'm glad you will be closing on both houses but sorry for FIL and MIL. (Father-in-law and mother-in-law?) Sounds like a lot of juggling this coming month. A break will be good for you after that.