Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Two roads ahead...and now we wait.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,. And sorry I could not travel both. And be one traveler, long I stood. And looked down one as far as I could.
Sometimes I feel like this is the state of life. Actually, I guess it is the state of life. We always have choices, paths that will take us in the different directions life offers. It certainly keeps life interesting.   

We've been chasing a house since spring 2015. It was for sale by owner then and she was emotionally attached to the property and couldn't come to a decision. We walked away.  Late fall 2015 this same house showed up on Realtor. The owner was listed and the price was less.  Yay!  We contacted our agent and did a walk-thru, then made a formal offer.  After days of waiting, the owner did not counter and pulled the listing saying she wasn't ready.  What?!?!?  Not ready?  You LISTED your house with an agent!  Ugh. Fine, we moved on.  It was worth another try.  Since being rejected, yet again, we have viewed several homes without much excitement. There was one we really liked enough to offer on, but when they countered they wanted a very open contract with all risk on us, and as it turned out they countered while already having a contract on their house. This was not disclosed to us during the process.  We were also exploring a new build option.  After much deliberation, new build was the road we chose.  The last several days we poured over floor plans, looked a tile, flooring, fixtures, granite.  We are scheduled to meet for a design session Friday.  Sunday night, just after finishing the basic ideas for our new house we received an email.  The basic idea:  "I have had a life change and want to offer you the opportunity to buy my house. I have emotionally come to terms and am now ready."  The house we have been chasing for the better part of a year is now being offered to us on a platter. 

Not sure how to feel about this. On one hand I can build a house to my specs and desire. On the other I can buy a house on an acre +, in the location we desire, and with a pool that would offer much enjoyment.  There will be extensive remodel requirements, but it speaks to us. It attracts us.  

Two roads and we can't travel both.  Both paths are attractive. Both will lead us to a place in life we would like to be. There are trade-offs and opportunity costs to both.  After a cost-benefit analysis, it is almost a draw.  For now, we wait and see.  I don't trust that the home owner will follow through, and I'm also not willing to let my favorite build site get away.  Time will tell...

Live life. Give joy. Be at peace.


  1. Good to have you back blogging. I don't think I could ever build a house with someone--I've built two large projects with groups and think I'm done with building projects.

  2. Funny Sage, I have said the same thing for so long! It is stressful, but we try to remember what is important.