Thursday, March 9, 2017

That dense fog of life

I feel like my week needs a fog advisory.  While I am thankful to be recovering from a sinus infection the fog of medication and fluid in the ears is really disrupting my days.  It doesn't help that the squirrels I teach are way to squirrely.

Positive progress has been made this week.  I have been to the gym everyday!  This is a major celebration.  Life is better when there is exercise involved. We feel better. We cope better.  It has to happen.  The only way that I can do it regularly is to go directly from work. It is a crap time to go, but it works.  If I go home first it is way too easy to get side-tracked or just give up and take a nap.

My motivation for better shape:

If we have any hope of paddling Dauphin Island bay I have to get in better shape.  So almost four months to get my body to tolerate the outdoor activities I love.

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